Control-Based Credit Specialists in Global Residential Whole Loan Markets

Palisades’ Asset Management team is responsible for asset-level credit decisions across the firm’s managed portfolio

Transforming Data Into Action

In coordination with Business Intelligence and Data Science Personnel, the Asset Management Team is able to leverage real-time data into actionable value-add credit decisions

Full Concept E U R O P E U N I T E D S T A T E S M E X I C O

Credit Management Solutions Across US, Europe and Mexico


Asset Level Analysis

Loan Review

Review and understand terms of loan agreement, disbursement milestones, loan modifications, ancillary fees

Asset Level Analysis

Borrower Credit Review

Review borrower’s situational profile to assess options

Asset Level Analysis

Property Value & Condition Review

Order and review inspection and property valuation reports

Asset Level Analysis

Servicer Oversight

Daily interaction with loan servicers to review ‘watchlist’ assets and ensure progression of credit decisions

Asset Level Analysis

Disbursement Approval

Confirm milestones are achieved prior to approving disbursement requests on property rehabilitation and construction loans

Portfolio Analysis

Regulatory Trend Analysis

Maintain visibility into Federal, state and local law impacting portfolio investments

Portfolio Analysis

Trend Analysis

Monitor trends surrounding borrower payment activity, property valuation, demographics, supply and inventory to assess portfolio risk

Portfolio Analysis

Concentration Risk Monitoring

Assessing concentration risks with respect to borrower exposure, geography, layered risk attributes

Portfolio Analysis

Natural Disaster Monitoring

Inspect all assets located in declared natural disaster areas