Fostering a Culture of Collaboration

Functional teams are setup specifically to address the complexities of acquiring and managing performing, distressed, and operationally complex loan portfolios where cross-functional collaboration and communication are critical elements of preserving and enhancing value

Residential loan management requires unique capabilities throughout the loan’s life cycle

Functional Teams

o1. Portfolio Management
Palisades’ Portfolio Management team oversees the firm’s investment sourcing activities and asset allocation strategies, monitors relative value across residential credit sectors, develops and maintains proprietary investment, valuation and risk management tools, and leads all trading activity. The team engages all functional units of the firm to create a 360-degree feedback loop to ensure key data throughout the investment life cycle become part of the investment and risk management decisions.
02. Due Diligence
Palisades’ Transaction Management team is responsible for pre-acquisition due diligence of loans acquired by Palisades’ managed accounts. The team reviews results of compliance testing, title/lien reviews, property value/condition analyses and collection notes and negotiates findings with counterparties along with contract finance activities.
03. Collateral Management
Palisades’ Collateral Management team is responsible for ensuring all loans acquired and managed by the firm contain the requisite collateral documents necessary for the Asset Management and Portfolio Management teams to effectively manage the assets. The team executes value-add curative strategies on properties with title issues and collateral remediation on loan files that are missing critical documentation.
04. Asset Management
Palisades’ Asset Management team oversees third-party loan servicers and other vendors and directs all asset level credit management and loss mitigation activities for the firm’s managed loan and real estate portfolio. Using real-time information the team is able to leverage proprietary data to create key performance indicators to effectively manage risk in large portfolios of credit-based real estate-backed loans.
05. Business Intelligence & Data Science
Palisades’ Business Intelligence & Data Science team creates systems used to aggregate proprietary data related to the firm’s managed loan portfolio, including borrower, loan and property level detail as well as third-party data sets. The team is responsible for delivering tools to business units necessary to streamline processes and drive efficiencies in portfolio risk management functions. The team has also created financial technology products available for license by third parties.
06. Operations (F&A + Compliance)
Palisades’ Operational team includes Financial & Accounting personnel along with Compliance.