Palisades Team Performs in JP Morgan Corporate Challenge in San Francisco

LOS ANGELES, September 27, 2018 – When corporate values matter, results follow.  It also helps to have great athletes.  While the term “athlete(s)” takes on a non-traditional meaning in the workplace as hard-working and intelligent individuals collaborating to accomplish a common set of goals, on September 26, 2018, a team of Palisades’ “athletes” (using the more traditional meaning that refers to individuals competing in sport) participated in the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge in San Francisco.

One of Palisades’ corporate values is that we “Support healthy lifestyles.”  It’s posted on just about every wall and in every room of our headquarters in Los Angeles along with other Core Values that we strive to follow, including, “Collaboration, Challenging Consensus, Process Driven, Value Seeking, Integrity, Stewardship & Client Focused” along with others.  We endeavor to utilize these principles as a compass to help guide our conduct, our decisions and cultivate the mentalities that we believe will lead to success for our clients, stakeholders and staff.  Sometimes we fall short and have to get back on track, while at other times we knock it out of the park.

The JP Morgan Corporate Challenge is an event that was created in 1977 with a total of 200 runners from 50 companies and has evolved into a race series that takes place in cities around the globe.  The race itself is a 3.5-mile running event comprised of full-time employees from organizations within the business and public sectors.  The team competition takes the top four (4) eligible times from each company and ranks them by the lowest combined time.

On September 26, 2018 in San Francisco, Palisades fielded a team of five (5) athletes to compete against 365 companies and more than 7,700 racers.  Some companies fielded more racers than Palisades has employees.  It was a much-anticipated race here at Palisades as demonstrated by the support of non-racers that traveled to the event.  The Palisades team did not disappoint.

The Racers & Results

Out of 365 companies competing in this year’s JP Morgan Corporate Challenge in San Francisco, Palisades was the only company to have two team members place in the Top 10 and placed 3rd overall behind Google and Lockheed Martin in the Team Competition.  

Darren Fahy finished 3rd overall out of the 7,730 racers with a time of 17:13.  Darren is a Portfolio Management Analyst involved in Palisades’ valuation, analytics, trading and reporting functions – a real corporate “athlete.”  He is a former 4-time NCAA All-American collegiate runner for Georgetown University where he was named to the All-Academic Big East team from 2014 to 2017.  He was also a participant in the 2016 US Olympic Track & Field Trials in the 3,000-meter steeplechase.

Richard Ho finished 6th overall out of the 7,730 racers with a time of 17:24.  Richard is a Transaction Management Analyst involved in Palisades’ risk management and trading activities – another corporate “athlete” who has contributed to the successful settlement of hundreds of millions of dollars of client trade activity.  He lettered in track and field and cross country at UCLA for 4 years and was a participant in the IAAF World Junior Championships on behalf of his home country, Taiwan, in 2014.  He also holds the national junior record for the 10,000 meters for Taiwan with a time of 30:20.78.

Ken Rideout finished 28th overall out of the 7,730 racers with a time of 18:31.  Ken is Head of Business Development and responsible for Palisades’ capital raising and investor relations functions – a corporate “athlete” whose responsibilities serve as the conduit between the firm’s investment management activities and the investors who place their trust and their capital with Palisades.  He is an avid runner, cyclist and triathlete and member of Team Every Man Jack, an all-male multisport team comprised of elite triathletes across the United States.  Ken has competed in numerous Ironman events including multiple finishes at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii and recently placed 3rd in the Tuscon Marathon in 2017 and was 7th overall in the Wisconsin Ironman in 2015.

Haseeb Rahman finished 248th overall out of the 7,730 racers with a time of 22:01.  Haseeb is a Director of Trading and Analytics at Palisades and is a true corporate “athlete” in that he is involved in all facets of portfolio management, risk management, trading and analysis and management wearing multiple hats and helping lead the firm by example.  Haseeb subscribes to the firm’s corporate values surrounding “Support of healthy lifestyles” through his commitment to health, fitness and wellness, he is involved in a regular weight and cardio training program and a health food nut.  He lettered in cross country and track and field at Washington University in St. Louis.

Rob Spielman finished 3,270th overall out of the 7,730 racers with a time of 32:09.  Rob is a Trading and Analytics Analyst involved in Palisades’ valuation, analytics, trading, data analysis and reporting functions who recently joined the firm from Loyola University Chicago. With a high school track coach for a mom and multiple marathon finishes amongst the Spielman siblings, Rob comes from a running family. He did not want to pass up an opportunity to join his new colleagues in showcasing some Palisades pride in its inaugural participation in the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge.  He also enjoys playing pickup soccer and baseball.

We are excited to see our team members successfully compete against other companies and representing the firm and our values.  It was a successful event and now that everyone is back in the office we look to build on that momentum in sport to focus on continuing to generate performance for client accounts and continue to create value for stakeholders and staff.