Committed to Delivering Value Across the Spectrum of Global Residential Credit Markets

Palisades is one of the largest specialist asset managers singularly focused on control-based credit strategies in the residential whole loan and real estate markets

Credit Management Solutions Across
US, Europe and Mexico

  • The Palisades Group Launched

    Launched Palisades as high-touch residential credit asset management platform

  • First Sub-Advisory Mandate

    Secured first sub-advisory mandate from regional bank client with total lifetime loans acquired and managed exceeding $1.8 billion

  • Expansion of Client Base through Sub-Advisory Mandates

    Named sub-advisor to a globally recognized investment manager that allocates across financial markets. Acquired in excess of $1.2 billion of loans during the life of mandate

  • Largest Known Post-GFC Whole Loan Trade

    Traded a $1.56 billion portfolio of legacy re-performing residential loans with a money center bank on behalf of sub-advisory accounts; largest known post-GFC residential loan trade at the time

  • Palisades Acquired by Regional Bank

    Palisades credit management advisory business was acquired by Banc of California

  • $2.3 billion in 1st Full Year of Operation

    Acquired and managed $2.3B+ in legacy residential re-performing and non-performing loans under sub-advisory mandates in the first full year of operation

  • Oaktree Capital Management Mandate

    Management agreement to advise certain Oaktree funds with respect to the acquisition and management of legacy non-performing residential loans

  • Oaktree Transfers a $3.2 billion Portfolio

    Oaktree Capital Management transfers a large portfolio of non-performing residential loans to Palisades' credit management platform

  • Named Credit Risk Manager by Insurance Co.

    Insurance company names Palisades as Credit Risk Manager on a portfolio of legacy re-performing residential mortgage loans

  • $5.6 billion Managed Portfolio

    Palisades sub-advisory managed loan and real estate portfolio exceeds $5.6 billion

  • 7 Active Sub-Advisory Mandates

    Clients include banks/dealers, insurance companies, private equity firms, family office, and hedge fund

  • $2.4 billion of Loans Traded

    Palisades traded over $2.4 billion of loans on behalf of client accounts during the calendar year

  • Successfully Executes Management Buyout

    Palisades becomes an independent investment advisory firm after a management buyout from parent

  • $1.9 billion of Loans Traded

    Palisades traded over $2.4 billion of loans on behalf of client accounts during the calendar year

  • Named Sub-Advisor on Newly Formed P/E Fund

    Named sub-advisor to private equity client on newly formed $225MM private fund focused on non-performing residential loans

  • Launched 1st Discretionary Fund

    Fund #1 focused on deep value distressed loan opportunities, including loans with collateral defects, title issues, and property condition considerations

  • FinTech Initiatives Launched

    Development begins on proprietary and transformational software solutions, STORI and TRACT

  • $3.0 billion of Loans Traded

    Palisades traded over $3.0 billion of loans on behalf of client accounts during the calendar year

  • Launched 2nd Discretionary Fund

    Fund #2 focused on opportunistic residential whole loan strategies, including niche credit, operationally complex, sub-scale, and/or emerging strategies

  • Acquired Cross Border Lender

    Acquired Mexico-based cross-border lender, Global Mortgage Group

  • Irish Residential Loans

    Became sub-advisor on a portfolio of performing and non-performing Irish residential loans

  • COVID-19 Pandemic

    Palisades discretionary funds entered pandemic with zero leverage and conservatively structured portfolios

  • FinTech Initiatives Take Shape

    Financial technology applications, STORI and TRACT, licensed to select partners validating the use case for internally developed risk management products

  • Named Sub-Advisor on P/E Firm $1.0 Billion Residential Loan Strategy

    Became sub-advisor to the private equity client portfolio of $1.0 billion non-qualified mortgage loans