Turnkey Solutions for Institutions Seeking to Acquire and Optimize Value in Credit-Based Loan Portfolios

Palisades Sub-Advisory platform has served banks, private equity funds, hedge funds, insurance companies, and global family offices in their efforts to pursue both deep value and income-oriented strategies in the residential credit markets. Bespoke solutions may be created to align with the client’s needs and preferences

Control-Based Credit Management

The ability to impact outcomes, enhance values, manage risk and engage in active management strategies at the asset level are the foundations for value creation


Pre-Acquisition Advisory

Due Diligence Oversight

Asset level diligence includes compliance review, title/lien review, property value, and condition analysis, servicing comment search, data validation, collateral confirmation, and vendor oversight

Pre-Acquisition Advisory

Transaction Management

Documentation negotiation, representations & warranties review, management of rebuttal process, negotiation of asset level price adjustments and final loan population

Pre-Acquisition Advisory

Data Validation

Streamlined tools and processes to uncover errors and identify missing data elements. Critical element for pre-acquisition diligence re-pricing and transition to active management

Post-Acquisition Advisory

Credit Risk Management

Loan level credit decisioning, loss mitigation oversight, servicing and vendor management, delegated authority matrices enforcement, capital markets, and strategic loan dispositions

Post-Acquisition Advisory

Payment Date Tracking

Monitoring trends in borrower payment dates to proactively assess portfolio performance trends

Post-Acquisition Advisory

Natural Disaster Monitoring

Identify, inspect and monitor assets located in declared natural disaster areas

Post-Acquisition Advisory

Federal Aid Oversight

Monitor developments with respect to Federal, state and local aid programs and assess portfolio impact

Post-Acquisition Advisory

Loan Modification Optimization

Develop and monitor loan modification options for delinquent borrowers

Post-Acquisition Advisory

Loss Mitigation Strategy

Oversee strategies aimed at managing risk and enhancing value at the loan and asset level

Post-Acquisition Advisory

Loss Mitigation Monitoring

Establishing and monitoring loss mitigation timelines and ensuring the progression of key stages

Post-Acquisition Advisory

REO Management

Establishing benchmarks for property rehab, ensuring property maintenance activities, overseeing efficient marketing and property listing processes

Post-Acquisition Advisory

Data Management

Integration with loan servicers daily feeds, ensuring complete and accurate data to provide portfolio transparency